Natural Rattan Wall Art Project

The memory of black family cookouts includes many things and natural rattan wicker plate holders is a subtle one but a memory nonetheless. These plate holders were a small part of my black experience growing up that have now been given a new purpose.  Natural rattan wicker is a simple and cheap way to add art to any blank wall in your home.

I purchased a pack of ten from a local thrift store for $2.00. When buying anything from a thrift store you can never be too careful about what "lies beneath the surface." I encourage you to wash and or sanitize every item you purchase to make sure that you are not inviting unwanted creepy crawly guests into your home. I chose to thoroughly rinse the wicker plate holders. I did not use any soap. 


This DIY project is so simple you only need three things to complete it:                                               NATURAL RATTAN PLATE HOLDERS, PAINTERS TAPE, AND SPRAY PAINT.  (note insert photo of supplies describe the type of spray paint and color) 

I allowed them to dry for a full day to allow the wicker to return to its previous color. If you attempt this while they are still wet your results may not be favorable. It is best to work with this material when it's dry.  For this project I used seven of the ten natural rattan plate holders I purchased in order to achieve the look I wanted. 

With the painters tape create the look you want. The painters tape will cover the parts of the natural wicker that will remain intact. The uncovered parts will be spray painted with the color of your choosing. Make sure that the painters tape is pressed down and fully covering the parts of the wicker you want to remain intact to avoid the spray paint seeping under the tape..

When spray painting it is best to do it outside. Spray painting is toxic and should be done with proper ventilation. Here is the result of spray paint job. 

Spray paint can be messy. The painters tape is there to prevent the over spray from messing up the look for the design. The final products will vary based on where you put the painters tape and what color you use. Here is my final result. 


Hope this was a helpful, if so leave a comment below and let me know what you think.